The Most Effective Ways To Source Projects Online

As a freelancer you’re always on the lookout for effective ways to source for projects online. Even with fierce competition, there are still enough projects for everyone to find the right fit. There’s always a wealth of talent to pull from, enabling you to stand out from the crowd. However, you still need to learn how to do this correctly. You must master the art of finding projects that suit your skills and talent without considering it wasted effort. Here are some useful ways to find projects online.

Most freelancers hate the idea of doing free work for clients. The reality is that, although free labour is a difficult pill to swallow, you could reap many benefits – especially if you are just getting started as a freelancer. If you find a client you want to work with, and you believe you can provide something valuable to him, then consider offering to do some specific job for free. If he likes your work, he may order for more gigs, and then… boom! Your career is heading for success.

Choosing the perfect niche that suits your skills is the best way to decrease the amount of competition for online projects. For instance, it’s better to be a master of web design rather than web design, copywriting, graphic design and logo design. Too broad a focus can cause confusion. Focus on a specific niche and build your career around it. This gives you room to become a professional in it, which automatically gives you the opportunity to charge more.

If you are already gaining ground with your career and you have a portfolio of satisfied clients, you could already have an avenue to get more projects from new clients. Ensure you have a follow-up sequence anytime you complete work for a client. Something like this could work: “I enjoyed the last time we worked together on a project. If you think I did a great job for you, please kindly refer me to anyone you know who is in need of such services.” Many businesses use the referral engine method to get repeat customers as well as new clients.

A good rule of thumb is to stop seeing other freelancers as your competitors. Instead, see them as friends who could support you to achieve your career goals. By joining an online community of freelancers in your niche, you get to discover their secrets and the methods they use to get projects online. Aside from online communities, it can be helpful to build a rapport with them, ask them useful questions, and make and receive suggestions. Once they know you exist, let them know you are available if they are too busy to handle some projects or are having trouble meeting a deadline. And when they eventually outsource a project to you, ensure you deliver an excellent job and great value to keep the friendship and future opportunities afloat.

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