Chief Strategy Advisor
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Nick A. Arora is a Blockchain/ICO advisor, investor and entrepreneur with strong knowledge, experience and networks within distributed ledger technologies and the cryptoasset space. He advises blockchain technologies and ICOs from start-to-finish or in specific areas of need. His  skills include strategic partnerships, investor relations, financial analysis and product strategy.

Nick holds multiple advisory positions and his clients include high net worth executives, business owners and accredited investors. As an early investor, Nick developed a proprietary cryptoasset evaluation model incorporating deep industry research, expertise and insight from thought leaders. Nick is an Ivy League graduate from Yale University and has training as a medical doctor, Nick has also advised healthcare organizations around the world and founded multiple businesses, including a startup he co-founded that was featured in Entrepreneur magazine. Nick’s Formal Project Roles; Chief Strategy Officer, Business Development Manager, Partnerships and collaborations.

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