Pricing Your Services For Success

Most people are content to work for a company and enjoy job security. But perhaps you are different and prefer the challenge of running your own business and opening the potential to a higher income.

It has been said, and proven, that the only way to become successful in business is to find and retain clients. The challenge is being able to find clients that you can offer your services to; clients for whom you determine the price of your services.  But you are up to this challenge because you are ready to be your own boss and the master of your own destiny.

Once you’ve decided to go down this path, there are many major decisions you must make. One key decision is determining what to charge for your services.

Whether you’re self-employed or you the owner of a business employing others, how do you determine how much to charge your clients? What are the things to look at before you come to a conclusion on how much you charge for your products or services?

In this post, we will share a few tips on how to go about this critical issue. We’ll show you how to come up with just the right price, regardless of the service you’re providing. There are a few basics to note before we go on to the tips.

There are three different methods used to approach pricing:

  • Cost-based Pricing: Called prudence in the finance world, it is what ensures your company makes marginal profit. This method calculates the price based on cost with a standard margin
  • Market-based Pricing: This method involves agreeing on a price for your services using the standard of what is being offered by your competition
  • Value-based Pricing: This method puts your perceived value of the service above every other thing.

So, what other things can you do to determine the price of your services?

Calculate Your Costs

If you want to run a business, you want to do it at a profit, right? The only way to achieve this goal is to come up with a price for your services with your running costs in mind. Consider all the elements that go into providing the service.  Once you have determined your costs, it’ll be pretty easy to come up with a price for your services.

Know Your Customer

Before you can decide on a price, you have to understand the demographic of the customers. You need to do your market research and get feedback to assist with determining the correct price for your service.

What’s Your Target?

The revenue target you set for yourself is also another criterion. How much you want to make and how quickly you want to make it can help you decide the price tag you want to place on your services.

One of the secrets to business success is pricing your products properly. Use these tips to price your service correctly and increase the likelihood of running a successful and profitable business.


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