LINKCHAIN Upgrading to An STO

October 5, 2018
For Immediate Release

LINKCHAIN Upgrading to a Security Token Offering (STO) Issuance

The LINKCHAIN management team and its advisors are pleased to announce that the Company is upgrading its initial concept of a utility token offering to that of a Security Token Offering (STO). This represents a tremendous opportunity for LINKCHAIN to access previously restricted markets in the growing supply chain space. Furthermore, the STO allows LINKCHAIN to even more readily meet its impressive goals of very rapid scaling and expansion.

An STO filed in the USA provides greater liquidity, transparency, and regulatory protections for all LINKCHAIN investors via the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission). The STO also allows investors in the the two largest markets in the world — the USA and China — to participate in the LINKCHAIN offering.

The STO has clearly become the most viable mechanism for growing blockchain technology companies like LINKCHAIN and represents the future of Token Generation Events. LINKCHAIN notes that the exciting decision to issue its STO does not change it’s business model, vision, or mission, and is a method to ensure that LINKCHAIN will be even more successful and valuable to it’s users, investors, community, and other stakeholders. LINKCHAIN will provide updates regarding the STO on it’s website and other social channels as more information becomes available.

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