LINKCHAIN Partners With GoChain

November 5, 2018

LINKCHAIN Partners With GoChain To Build Next Generation Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Solution

LINKCHAIN is pleased to announce its partnership with GoChain, an advanced blockchain network protocol on which LINKCHAIN will build its platform. Gochain will provide technical, marketing, and fundraising support to LINKCHAIN and will assist in the development of LINKCHAIN’s blockchain-based supply chain solution.

LINKCHAIN is building the future of blockchain-based supply chain through a user-friendly interface allowing buyers and suppliers to transact securely, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. While the freelance economy is growing rapidly, current offerings have significant deficiencies including egregious transaction fees, slow payment processing and overwhelming amounts of spam and requests from unqualified or fraudulent users. By partnering with GoChain, LINKCHAIN is able to leverage the strengths of their high performance, scalable blockchain to dramatically reduce transaction fees, enable secure and efficient transactions, and create a robust trust and reputation management system powered by upgradable smart contracts and the immutability of distributed ledger technology.

“GoChain is one of the strongest blockchain protocols and their team is exceptional. Their experience, level of engagement and support has been incredible and the ecosystem they are creating is outstanding. We are confident that working with them and building our platform on GoChain will deliver the most value to our users and key stakeholders,” said Conston Taylor, CEO of LINKCHAIN. “I would like to thank Nick Arora our Chief Strategy Officer and the GoChain team for their hard work and dedication to making this partnership a reality.”  

GoChain is Ethereum-compatible and supports upgradable smart contracts with transaction speeds 100x faster than Ethereum and transaction fees 7,500x lower. Through its strengthened codebase and novel Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus mechanism, GoChain achieves greater decentralization at significantly lower energy costs. Projects on GoChain have already raised over $100 million USD since the launch of its mainnet in May. GoChain recently partnered with Microsoft Azure to provide private blockchain deployment. This makes GoChain one of the only public blockchains with a private blockchain offering listed on the Azure Marketplace.

“The LINKCHAIN team’s vision and supply chain expertise is inspiring,” said GoChain Founder and CEO Jason Dekker. “They are addressing a significant need and creating real value for their users through blockchain technology. We look forward to building on our work together and couldn’t be happier having LINKCHAIN as a part of the GoChain community!”

LINKCHAIN is currently preparing for its Security Token Offering (STO). Visit to whitelist and learn more.


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