How To Create A Winning Freelancer Profile

One of the reasons you became a freelancer is to have the freedom to work for yourself, at your own pace, while striving to build a business from scratch. But it’s important to note that the industry is becoming more and more competitive all the time. Nowadays, for you to succeed as a freelancer, you have to master the art of marketing yourself to your target audience. You have to leverage on the weakness of other freelancers to gain an edge over them in such a competitive marketplace. One way to do this is through profile building. Yes, your profile has to be captivating enough to entice a potential buyer to order your services. But how do you go about creating such a profile? What are the necessary skills you have to develop to become a sought-after freelancer? Well, here are some tips to help you build a great, winning profile.


Your profile content should be straight to the point. Never use rude or improper words or expressions, and avoid repeating a particular word or phrase as an attempt to emphasize a point. An ideal headline shouldn’t exceed one sentence; you will have the opportunity to write more about yourself in your profile. So keep it short and concise. Your headline structure should include the title, your years of experience, and your speciality. These three key elements are enough to communicate your degree of expertise and your qualification.


Forget about the ‘what’s’ and focus on the ‘how’s’. How were you able to boost your client’s business using your creative writing skills? How did you transform a client’s ‘almost dead’ website into a lively site attracting thousands of daily visitors?


Most clients aren’t only interested in how much you charge for your service. They want to know whether you have the skills they seek and whether you have undertaken and successfully completed similar jobs. Your freelancing profile should include the qualifications, technical skills, and experience that are specifically related to the service(s) you are providing. Your profile should be able to prove to the client that you are qualified and confident enough to take on their project.


Empathy is a valuable tool, and will help you with your client communication. You need to be able to deliver, and even exceed, your client’s expectations. You need to care about their needs and be attentive to their instructions. This will go a long way to place you far ahead of your competitors. Clients value empathy and responsiveness. Many times, this could be a key reason why they will choose to hire you repeatedly.


Don’t make people jump through hoops when trying to contact you for a project. In your profile, encourage clients to contact you freely and state how they could do so.

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