Our ICO and LNK Tokens

Q: How long does it take to become listed on LINKCHAIN as a Buyer or Supplier?

A: You will be listed on the platform immediately. However, you will be unable to transact business until your profile has been verified with our KYS (Know Your Supplier) system

Q: How long does the KYS process take? (NOT KYC, This is after the platform has been launched)

A: In some cases, it will be nearly immediate. However, during times of heavy load, it may take up to 3-5 business days.

Q: How is the platform being positioned?

A: LinkChain is a Supply Chain Management platform. The system addresses the biggest fundamentals of supply chain management including Cost Control, Risk Management, and Talent. Future builds will address the issues of Planning, and Partner Relationship Management.

Q: How confident are you in the 35% profit margin estimates?

A: The 35% profit margins are conservative numbers. We are confident that the
actual margins will be higher. Our assumptions are based on the following:

  • Once the platform is built the monthly operating overhead maintenance will be very low
  • LINKCHAINwill maintain a flat, lean organization
  • LINKCHAINwill hire low cost contractors to perform work for the company
  • LINKCHAINemployees will operate in a distributed workforce thus reducing the overhead and cost of operating in a traditional building structure

Q: What is the purpose of the LNK token?

A: The LNK token is vital to our platform and serves as the fuel for the entire ecosystem. LNK tokens will be used for transactions, mining, and staking. Using LNK tokens for each transaction allows data to be recorded on the blockchain via smart contracts and the power of distributed ledger technologies to be fully realized. These are significant benefits that other payment methods like fiat or other cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.) cannot provide. This is discussed in further detail in the “Token Ecosystem” section of the whitepaper.

Q: Will there be a KYC (Know Your Customer)?

A: Yes. Stay tuned for more information on that.

Q: Which countries are restricted from participating in the Crowdsale (TGE)?

A: The United States and China.

Q: Is the LNK token a utility token?

A: Yes. The LNK token is a utility token with uses in transactions, mining, licensing and staking.

Q: Will our tokens be locked or restricted from trading after the crowdsale?

A: Yes. The tokens will be locked or restricted from trading until they are listed on an exchange

Q: What is the lockup/vesting period for team members and senior management?

A: Tokens for team members and senior management will occur over a 3 year period.

Q: What happens to crowdsale tokens that do not sell?

A: Unsold crowdsale tokens will be burned.

Q: When do you expect to list on an exchange after the crowdsale?

A: We cannot discuss exchange details until they are finalized. However, our goal is to have our LNK token listed on an exchange within approximately 60-90 days after completion of our crowdsale.

Q: When can I start using LINKCHAIN to transact business?

A: As noted in our Roadmap, our goal is to have our MVP available in January 2019. We anticipate to onboard Suppliers in March 2019.

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