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7 Mistakes Freelancers Should Avoid Making With Clients

In our previous article, we discussed the 7 things clients should avoid doing when working with freelancers. But, as we pointed out, there are at least 2 sides to every story, and freelancers can also unwittingly create problems with their client relationships. So, in the belief of balance and fairness for all, this article addresses 7 things that freelancers should…

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7 Things To Avoid Doing When Working With Freelancers

More and more often, business owners are discovering the benefits of hiring consultants to help them in various areas of their business. It allows them to accomplish goals without having to hire full time staff, only dishing out payment for specific tasks and projects. But, unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as expected. Each side has their own perspective,…

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How to Leverage Outsourcing For Small Business Owners

The routine of outsourcing certain tasks by big businesses to small business is not a new concept. Big businesses have long been outsourcing various tasks or even whole departments to third parties both locally and internationally.  Recently, small businesses seem to be increasingly leveraging outsourcing as well. However, small businesses do not outsource for the same reasons as big companies.…

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Your Statement of Work (SOW): Ways to Avoid “Scope Creep”

As an independent consultant whether you’re advising public or private companies in ecommerce or bricks-and-mortar companies, you get paid for work produced by way of deliverables. But those deliverables may not be commensurate with the level of compensation that was agreed to in the Statement of Work (SOW) signed with the client. Many years ago, I learned as an independent…

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Most Effective Ways to Source Projects Online

For many contracting businesses, landing a deal for a project by a Fortune 500 company or any other big firm is a dream come true and places your business on the path of carving out a niche for itself. But it is easy to talk the talk or dream the dream, the main work comes in turning this dream into reality.…

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