A Personal Message From The Founder

I appreciate you taking the time to research LINKCHAIN. I’m Conston Taylor, LINKCHAIN’s founder and CEO. I did not set out to launch an ICO. In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind. My main focus was working with my key clients as an advisor to ensure that their ICO launch was successful. As a purchaser in ICOs, my focus was to ensure that I identified the highest quality ICOs to invest in as well.

The LINKCHAIN concept was conceived out of months of personal frustration and lost productivity. As an active LinkedIn user, I’ve had many freelancers and suppliers contact me to pitch their services. The irony is that in many cases, I actually needed the services they were offering. However, because I had no idea who they were nor their capabilities, I was not willing to take a risk on them. At the same time, I’ve had companies contact me to perform services for them. I was always faced with the same issue: Who is this person or company? Do they pay their contractors? This resulted in me being contacted on LinkedIn by a person running an ICO who asked me to be an advisor on their project. Needless to say, the project turned out to be a scam. This very difficult situation turned out to be the inspiration for the birth of LINKCHAIN. The foundation of this project is based on security, starting with our crowdsale token buyers. Next is the security for buyers of online services from networking sites such as LinkedIn. This is my goal, and my burning desire. I am 100% confident that with your help, and with the incredibly talented and trusted team that I have assembled, we can turn this desire into reality.

I have worked on over 7 ICOs as an advisor and have personally invested in over 10 ICO projects from start to finish. One of the riskiest things that a purchaser can encounter is the uncertainty that exists with a team that is going through an ICO for the first time. I have felt the sheer frustration and anger of going through an ICO where it was apparent that the team was clueless, and had no idea what they were doing. I have spent over 1,000 hours in Telegram groups as a community administrator, as an ICO token purchaser and as an advisor sharing ideas, providing praise as well as expressing concerns over the direction of projects. The one thing that was burned into my soul is that I have an utter distaste for ICOs that collect money from crowdsale buyers, dismiss them, and then treat them like crap. That’s right – crap. And I will make sure that “crap” gets into the final version of this whitepaper so that my meaning is clear. For myself and my entire team, the token buyers are the most important piece to this puzzle, because without you we would not be able to bring our vision to fruition. When it comes to our token buyers, the tokenomics have been designed with a win/win situation in mind – through and through. This is my commitment to you, and if you get behind our cause, we will succeed.

I have seen what a supportive community and inspired token buyers can do for a project. I have also seen, however, how an overdose of airdrops and bounty programs can destroy a community. I personally promise that I will not allow bounty and airdrop hunters to dominate and take over our Telegram channel at the sacrifice of discussions regarding both crowdsale and the product. I can assure this because there will be ZERO free tokens issued to people who do not purchase tokens; all bounty awards will be given only to people who are token purchasers.

I have also seen instances where two or three people have literally poisoned a group of 40,000 members on Telegram. I am a firm believer in mutual respect. Any individuals that attempt to ruin the positive and productive nature of our Telegram group, whether token buyers or not, will be permanently banned from the group. This is embedded in our culture and governance at LINKCHAIN – mutual respect for token buyers and the general public. These standards apply in all ways our community engages with us – Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Meetups and more.

Finally, I would love to tell you that our ICO will be seamless,100% smooth, and will launch without any glitches. However, I cannot do that because issues always come up. Our strength will not be in having things go 100% smoothly, but in our ability to identify the issue quickly, find out why it happened, apologize for and correct the occurrence, and map out a risk mitigation plan to ensure that it does not happen again. This is how we conducted ourselves when I worked for multi-billion dollar Fortune-500 companies, and this is how our team will conduct themselves on this project and within our company. This is my promise and commitment to you.


Conston R. Taylor

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